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    Journey’s end

    It’s interesting to see how society changes and evolves through the generations. The funeral sector is seen by many to be unchanging and traditional but that is not always so, we have moved with the times, however, sometimes we also go backwards to serve our clients needs.

    There’s been a significant change in the way funerals are conducted. Its only 50 years since the deceased would almost always lay to rest in the front ‘parlour’ up to the day of the funeral, which is now quite rare.

    In Victorian times coffins were transported on horse-drawn carts and carriages dependent on the wealth and standing of the deceased. This was a significant improvement on the handcarts used in the 16th century.

    In the 20th century purpose-made hearses and limousines became the norm. The old traditions began to change and horse-drawn hearses went out of fashion in favour of the much desired motor vehicles. Carriage masters, who would have provided carriages, purchased motor vehicles and hired them out to the very small ‘undertakers’ serving relatively small areas.

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    Weigh up the cost

    I am often approached by families asking what help is available for those responsible for the cost of the funeral. At what is a difficult time the added worry about finding the necessary funds can be extremely stressful.

    At Gordon Barbers we always give advice and guidance providing clear and precise information about cost so that the family will leave our funeral home feeling assured, informed and that we have helped to alleviate their concerns.

    The price of the funeral is determined predominantly by what the family chooses for the day.

    For instance, a simple coffin with no limousines will be significantly less that one with a solid oak casket, coach and horses and obituaries in the Telegraph.

    No funeral is the same and neither are the costs. It’s all about finding the right elements that make up a personal service at a cost that is affordable for those left behind.

    For the families faced with arranging a funeral with no funds available, be it insurance, property or savings, they may seek to approach the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) for assistance.

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